If you’re feeling burnt out, stressed, and unfulfilled in your law practice, you’re not alone… 

If you KNOW there’s a better way to live, but just can’t get a grasp on how to make it happen - this message is for you:

As lawyers, we tend to have high standards for ourselves. And our clients hold us to high standards as well, which creates a lot of pressure and stress. Not to mention the adversarial nature of the courtroom.

I get it.

As a 5th generation former trial lawyer, I know exactly what you’re going through.

And I’m passionate about helping other lawyer to overcome the pattern of stress and burnout that leads to sacrificing your own well-being for the sake of your work performance. 

Because here’s the secret: having a great sense of well being is actually the number one contributor to improving your performance and building success.  

I’ve helped lawyers just like you to: 

  •  Increase productivity, focus and clarity
  •  Release stress, worry and anxiety (once and for all)!
  •  Overcome fear and procrastination
  •  Enjoy a more purpose-filled life and career 
  •  Unlock the powers of financial success 

Sound Unrealistic?

If you’re anything like I was years ago, you might be thinking it sounds far-fetched and too good to be true.  

Back then, I had a successful heavy trial practice with lots of winning verdicts, but was losing left and right in my personal life. I was barely surviving - to the point that I found myself in the ER with chest pains that I feared were a heart attack.  

As I’m sure you can imagine, it was the reality check I needed to start taking simple, practical steps toward a better life.  

My stress levels began decreasing.  

I began to feel like I was the calm during any storm.  

And with those changes to my worldview came changes to my practice of law. It was more fulfilling. I was more present.  

I made a bigger impact - with both my clients and my staff.  

As a result I became the calm joyful, power-performer I am now, my personal and financial happiness grew as well.  

Now, I mentor other lawyers to help them achieve that same fulfillment and success. 

How it works: 

My exclusive 1:1 Mind Over Law Coaching Program meets you where you are, with a customized approach to the 5 Pillars of Mind Over Law to fit your practice and life. The outcome: a happier, more focused, prosperous, passionate YOU! 

I’ve designed this program specifically for the lawyer who is ready to: 

  • Create a mindset for power performance and to easily combat stress, worry, and anxiety. Tap into the power of increased productivity, focus, and clarity
  • Learn to release fear and stop procrastination rooted in it. Develop your 'Warrior' mindset and tune into the power of courage to create big wins in your practice of law
  • Instantly find solutions to your biggest challenges - from difficult clients to difficult cases - by training your brain for creative problem solving
  • Create a mindset for financial success in the practice of law by releasing your subconscious locks to financial abundance
  • Discover the power to stop simply reacting to life and to begin designing it with vision instead 

By leveraging the 5 Pillars of Mind Over Law: 

Developing the Mindset of Financial Success 

  • Discover the power of the mind to affect the flow of money in your life and in your law practice. Know the truth about your financial blocks and the energy of money in your life. Tap into the power of ancient techniques to shift your money energy for overwhelming abundance.
  • Learn to easily reprogram your mind for prosperity. You will bring your awareness to the focus of abundance creating a state for money to flow. 

Creating a Daily Power Mindset to Easily Combat Stress, Worry, and Anxiety and Tap into the Power of Increased Productivity, Focus and Clarity

  • Learn simple techniques to instantly de-stress by releasing triggers to the central nervous system to increase focus and awareness.  
  • Learn the secret to meditating even if you have a “racing” or over-active mind.  
  • Increase the power of your Mind through fine-tuning your awareness, focus and attention. Discover how being a witness to your physical and emotional state can instantly shift and decrease your stress, worry and anxiety. These powerful tools instantly shift any overwhelming and anxious moment to calm, focus and clarity.

Deepen Your Creative Problem Solving Skills -Tap Into the Power to Instantly Find the Solutions to Your Biggest Challenges (From Difficult Clients to Difficult Case Issues, we’ll train your Brain for Creative Problem Solving)

  • Fine tune your awareness and intuitive skills to create a state of the Mind that can instantly access the answer to any problem or challenge. This meditative practice focuses on problems commonly faced in the practice of law from challenges in difficult cases, to difficult clients, to handling difficult adversaries.  
  • Learn to combine the power of breath and the body with the power of the brain to tap into the energy of creative problem solving. Know how to create a perspetive to see difficult issues with cases and clients in a way to easily create powerful solutions.  
  • Learn the 3 Secrets to quickly overcome any obstacle or challenge.  

Releasing and leveraging the power of Fear to Develop The “Warrior”Mind That Tunes Into Your Authentic Power To Create Big “WINS” in your legal practice

  • Discover the most common fears of lawyers and how to rewire the Mind to overcome fear obstacles that lead to procrastination and overwhelm. Learn to shift to the “Warrior Mind”---where no fear can survive.  
  • Program the Mind to be in a state of confidence, courage and authentic power in any challenge. This meditation primes the brain to handle high stress situations.  
  • Learn a powerful daily ritual to reprogram the Mind to release fear and embrace the power to create success, abundance and happiness. 

Become a Powerful Visionary to create the life and career of your dreams

  • Step into being a powerful visionary to create goals in a new powerful way that allows for almost instant shifts for success. 
  • Eliminate disempowering beliefs and tap into empowering the Mind for the energy of your desires.  
  • Learn the 4 steps to take on a daily basis to create a life you truly love - with overwhelming abundance. 

Join Lexlee in creating Peace, Purpose and Prosperity and the Impact that you desire

What Lawyers are Saying:

When Jacqui came to work with me, she was already running a successful criminal law practice. So, why would she want a Meditation & Mindset Coach like me? Because, although life looked “successful” on the outside, Jacqui was quickly on her way to being burned out and didn’t find her life or the practice of law very fun or fulfilling.  

In her words….

" When I was introduced to Lexlee, my life was chaotic; I was managing, but I wasn't living. I had not made time to enjoy the life I had built, honor myself with the gifts that come with personal success, or really even get to know myself at all. I was a very successful lawyer, a great friend and my own worst enemy. In the short time I have worked with Lexlee, the changes have been phenomenal. I’ve made changes inside, where it counts the most. For the first time in my life I feel loved, I feel at home, and I feel deserving of good things. Although most people cannot physically see the changes, those closest to me can feel them: the extra boisterous laugh, the twinkle of excitement in my eyes, the peacefulness I exhibit under extreme stress." 

JACQUELINE FORD - Oklahoma Trial Lawyer

Laurie sought out help when searching for answers to some big questions in her life. With some guidance and some really cool techniques, Laurie begin to find the answers she longed for…Jim’s story starts when he was juggling a very heavy litigation practice and feeling daily anxiety and stress. Learning some simple scientifically proven techniques, Jim begin to experience the practice of alw in a completely different way. 


Meet the woman behind Mind Over Law.

For 20 years, Lexlee Overton has been a successful entrepreneur and business owner.  

As a trial lawyer, Lexlee maintained a winning record of extensive verdicts on behalf of her clients in complex litigation cases involving serious injuries and wrongful death.  

She is a member of the Louisiana Association for Justice, American Association for Justice, and is licensed to practice in all Louisiana State and Federal Courts. After completing Trial Lawyers College in 2002, Lexlee joined the staff of the college teaching trial lawyers cross the country how to be transformative in the courtroom by learning to tell their clients' stories from a place of passion and authenticity.  

Not only is Lexlee the owner and managing attorney of her own law firm, but she is also the founder and President of the Board of Lexlee’s Kids, one of Louisiana’s foremost non-profit organizations dedicated to injury prevention of children.  

For almost 15 years, Lexlee has received advanced training studying human behavior, which she uses to assist lawyers across the country in having rewarding relationships with their clients and profitable law practices.  

Today, Lexlee’s career is expanding into providing consulting and coaching services for law firms, lawyers and various business professionals.  

She helps her clients learn how to use scientifically proven techniques for training their minds to release stress, anxiety and fear to become power-performers and love what they do -- all at the same time. 

Join Lexlee in creating Peace, Purpose and Prosperity and the impact that you desire